Collective Arts Brewing - Ransack The Universe

Punchy IPAs and eclectic can art – just a little taster from this Canadian addition to This Is Beer.

Art, music and brewing? As far as combinations go, it’s a tough one to beat. Collective Arts Brewing are new to the This Is Beer shelves, but you won’t have trouble finding them thanks to the limited edition works of art that cloak each can.

Based in Ontario, these Canadian brewsters have formed a strong community of musicians, artists and beer fans. It’s enviable. Honestly, just tap here and take a look at what they’ve been up to recently. Between their Black Box Sessions and inviting artists to submit designs for their cans, the collective approach brings together the best of so many worlds. It’d be great to see something similar happen in Wales. The collabs between South Wales brewers have been good, but reaching out to the creative community as a whole would be amazing.

Anyway, back to Collective Arts. This Is Beer have a range of their beers in, but I sat down with their flagship IPA, Ransack The Universe.

Ransack The Universe – IPA – 6.8%

We have to start with the can art, right? Hats off to Magge Gagliardi, an award-winning illustrator from Connecticut in the US. Sea Squatch is the perfect visual for this hefty IPA. Coming out of something that wouldn’t look out of place on a Mastodon poster (Spotifyers, tap here), this IPA is a heavy-hitter in flavour and substance. The mix of Galaxy and Mosaic give this a rush of tropical taste that teases a bitterness – hop-heads, you’ll enjoy; the rest of you, maybe something else from the range? A good beer that gets extra points from the admiration for what Collective Arts are doing.

A can of Collective Arts Brewing's Ransack The Universe

Collective Arts Brewing’s Ransack The Universe

(this admiration for collectives and supporting each other may or may not be the result of exasperation following the week that was Welsh regional rugby)

Where to get it

In store. This Is Beer have a wide range of Collective Arts beer on the shelves, including some that have different artwork for the same beer. Collect ’em all? Go for it.


Words: Ryan Williams
Pictures: Hannah Durham

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